Good Vibes, by Sabaidee

SabaiDee is a CBD brand with a mission:

To help one million people live a healthier and happier life by providing the highest quality natural hemp extracts that work.

In addition, for every bottle purchased the company will plant a tree in North America. 🌲

Mission and giving aside, their product has a lot going for it.

People love the brain-boosting hit of coconut oil and the fresh-but-not-overwhelming minty taste.

We love the very public lab results they scanned and posted to the site and the calm that settles in after a dropper of the clear oil.

Sabaidee CBD Oil bottle

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Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals lovingly produces a high-quality hemp oil.

Our hemp-derived CBD extracts are all made in-house. We domestically source our hemp from non-GMO farms, and only use crops with the highest cannabinoid content possible. We then use kosher ethanol to extract the CBD from the plant material.

As with all the products we feature on this site, Lazarus Naturals uses a third party lab to confirm the purity of their product.

When the team tried the tincture, it tasted very… green. But within about 5 minutes we felt a warm calm wash over us. Very potent stuff!

Available in capsules, tinctures, syringes, and even a product for your pet, we recommend Lazarus Naturals.

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