CBD Oil on Amazon: What did you just buy?

We can all agree that Amazon is a great place to shop for most any product you’re looking for. You name it, and Amazon most likely has a vendor waiting to ship it directly to your front door in two days or less. If you go to Amazon seeking to buy CBD oil, however, there are a few very important things you need to know.

Is Amazon the BEST place to purchase cannabidiol oil?

We say: “Absolutely not!”

This is from Amazon’s seller guidelines, taken from a much bigger list of products you cannot sell on Amazon:

can you sell cbd oil on amazon? no

Amazon has strict rules regarding the sale of pure CBD oil. In short, Amazon does not allow the sale of CBD oil. Instead, vendors offer products labeled as “Hemp oil” or, unbelievably, “Cannabis oil” to the uninformed consumer, hoping to make an easy dollar off those desperately seeking the health benefits true CBD oil can provide. A simple search of “CDB oil” into Amazon’s search bar returns over 800 results. Not a single product from that search contains actual cannabidiol a.k.a.CBD.

The bottom line is this:

When it comes to CBD oil extract, anything you buy on Amazon is definitely not real CBD oil.

What are you actually buying? Probably organic coldpressed hemp seed oil, which is similar to olive oil, but misleadingly labeled as “hemp extract.”

The only similarity between hemp seed oil and CBD oil is that it’s made from the same plant, but it’s important to remember when purchasing that the two are vastly different. While Hemp oil is known to be rich in essential fatty acids, such as Omega-3 and Omega-6, it does not contain the cannabinoids found in pure CBD hemp extract, the chemical that produces those medicinal benefits shoppers seek.

you're gonna have a bad time

Misleading Products and Unhappy Reviews

Some product descriptions are optimized to try and evoke thoughts of CBD oil, using phrases like “relieve chronic pain,” “hemp extract,” and “reduce anxiety,” phrases that actual CBD/hemp oil is known to help with. While Hemp oil has tons of benefits for its users, it is best used as a foodstuff or industrial product.

The blame here is not on consumers, who don’t know any better, and who always turn to Amazon when they’re ready to purchase something. The blame is partially on Amazon from allowing this kind of language, but the companies listing the products in such a way that it leads uninformed consumers to purchase something that, at best, will be useless, and at worst dangerous.

Just Check the Reviews: No One is Having a Good Time with Fake CBD Oil

Many shoppers have purchased Hemp oil or cannabis oil from Amazon sellers, and have expressed their poor experience in the product reviews.. Here is just a sample of the outrage by the uninformed and unhappy customers:

This product just seems to be hemp oil. I’m not feeling any benefits of having CBD oil in it. And since hemp oil does not have a long shelf life, I will need to use this up quickly as a basic skin softening oil… (which it is great for). But, very disappointed. No CBD benefit that I can tell. ~ was hoping it would help me sleep.

That’s right! There’s no CBD benefit because…. the product does not contain CBD, sadly.

I’m giving 2 stars based on what I feel is false advertising on Amazon’s part. When you search for CBD oil on Amazon all these products show up that don’t have CBD in them including this one. I was looking for a CBD oil for joint pain. This stuff does absolutely nothing for that. It’s just basic hemp oil which is totally different than CBD. I’m sure it has medicinal properties, just not what I need it for. It also smells like seaweed and tastes pretty nasty too.

This guy gets it, but only after handing over hard-earned money for what is your common, over-the-counter hemp seed oil.

This is just really over priced hemp seed oil. It is not a substantial source of pure CBD, and it has no effect on my anxiety or pain.

reviews of angry Amazon cbd oil customers

Though, to be fair, there were plenty of reviews like this:

I’ve been using a dropper full at night an hour or two before I go to bed. I’ve been getting a full, solid nights sleep ever since. I’m finally relaxing enough that I am not getting restless throughout the night. Tastes pretty good as well with the peppermint added.

So where CAN You Buy CBD Oil?

You can find high quality, real CBD oil right here on our shop page.

As a consumer, it’s important to approach important buying decisions with the best information possible. We understand why someone would seek to buy CBD oil legally is doing so out of a kind of desperation, to solve a whole host of ailments cannabidiol can help with, like chronic pain, anxiety, or insomnia.

At VitaCBD, it’s our mission to help you find real cannabidiol products from trusted vendors. And while we love Amazon, we simply will not recommend purchasing CBD products from any seller on that site.

The Best Place to Buy:

Our website has composed a list of trusted CBD brands–like Sabaidee or Lazarus Naturals–that use 3rd party testing to ensure the product is free-from contaminants like heavy metals, and contains cannabidiol oil. Our list of trusted CBD brands offers company transparency and guarantees your oils to be organically grown and domestically manufactured. While we trust Amazon to fill our lives with with the necessary and impulse buys alike, we humbly direct you to more trustworthy and effective stores to meet your CBD needs.

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