About Us

Who we are?

We are a group of highly motivated and passionate people. We devised VitaCBD™ after discovering that hemp can dramatically increase both mental and physical well being. We like to think of ourselves as health-conscious-trailblazers, and we have dedicated ourselves to engineering only the purest hemp derived products. After much research and consideration, we can say that we truly believe that high grade CBD (Cannabidiol), could very well be the miracle supplement that the world has been waiting for.

Pure is our passion

All of our CBD oils are made through the most stringent CO2 extraction process. Our CBD Hemp Oil is meticulously extracted, filtered, and dewaxed, leaving extremely concentrated CBD-rich oil that contains the full suite of active cannabinoids, terpenes, and other bioactive ingredients. We do all of this to ensure that VitaCBD™ provides only the purest, highest-grade products available today.

Always looking forward

Quality matters. It matters to us and it should matter to you. We are completely committed to bringing you the finest CBD products in the world. We use these products, our friends and families use these products. Our VitaCBD™ products have been carefully refined and will continue to be refined. Innovation is of utmost importance to us, especially when dealing with something as amazing as hemp is. We like to think that the possibilities are endless. Our mission is to make the VitaCBD™ brand recognized globally as the number one trusted source in the industry.

Earning that trust

We know that trust is something that has to be earned. That’s why we always put you — the customer — first. When you purchase something from us, you can rest assured knowing that you have chosen a product that is superior in every way.
Customer service and support is of utmost importance to us. We ship out all orders within three business days (but usually they ship on the same day!) and tracking is provided for all orders. There is a money-back guarantee on all of our products, and quick support is always available. Complete customer satisfaction is our goal, so be sure to let us know how we’re doing.

Thanks for visiting our website and learning a bit more about us.

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